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Refereed Articles

Cakanlar, Aylin, Hristina Nikolova, and Gergana Nenkov (2022), “I Will Be Green for Us: When Consumers Compensate for Their Partners’ Unsustainable Behavior.” Forthcoming at the Journal of Marketing Research.

Nikolova, Hristina and Gergana Nenkov (2022), “We Succeeded Together, Now What: Relationship Power and Sequential Decisions in Couples' Joint Goal Pursuits,” Journal of Marketing Research, 59 (2), 271-289.

Kovacheva, Aleksandra, Hristina Nikolova, and Cait Lamberton (2022), “Will You Buy A Surprise? Gender Differences in the Purchase of Surprise Offerings.” Forthcoming at the Journal of Retailing.


Kovacheva, Aleksandra, Hristina Nikolova, and Cait Lamberton (2021), “Consumers' Response To Promotional Gifts: The Role Of Gender, Transactional Value, And Reciprocity.” Psychology & Marketing, 38, 196-211.


Garbinsky, Emily, Joe Gladstone, Hristina Nikolova, and Jenny Olson (2020),* “Love, Lies, and Money: Financial Infidelity Within Romantic Relationships.” Journal of Consumer Research, 47 (1), 1-24. [*Equal Authorship]

  • Lead Article

  • Select media coverage: New York Times, Boston Globe (2 articles), Daily Mail, Futurity.


Lowe, Michael, Hristina Nikolova, Chadwick J. Miller, and Sara Loughran Dommer* (2019), “Ceding and Succeeding: How the Altruistic Can Benefit from the Selfish in Joint Decisions.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29 (4), 652-661. [*Equal Authorship]


Nikolova, Hristina, Cait Lamberton, and Nicole Verrochi Coleman (2018), “Stranger Danger: When and Why Consumer Dyads Behave Less Ethically Than Individuals,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (1), 90-108.


Inman, J. Jeffrey and Hristina Nikolova (2017), “Shopper-Facing Retail Technology: A Retailer Adoption Decision Framework Incorporating Shopper Attitudes and Privacy Concerns,” Journal of Retailing, 93 (1), 7-28.

  • Lead Article


Nikolova, Hristina and Cait Lamberton (2016), “Men and the Middle: Gender Differences in Dyadic Compromise Effects,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (3), 355-371.

  • Lead Article

  • Select media coverage: Time (2 articles), Washington Post, The Telegraph, Daily Mail.


Nikolova, Hristina, Cait Lamberton, and Kelly L. Haws (2016), "Haunts or Helps from the Past: The Effect of Recall on Current Self-Control,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (2), 245-256.

  • Select media coverage: The Atlantic, Fox News, AARP Life Reimagined.


Dzhogleva Nikolova, Hristina and J. Jeffrey Inman (2015), “Healthy Choice: The Effect of Simplified POS Nutritional Information on Consumer Choice Behavior.” Journal of Marketing Research, 52 (6), 817-835.

  • Select media coverage: Huffington Post.


Dzhogleva, Hristina and Cait Poynor Lamberton (2014), “Should Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Understanding Self-Control Decisions in Dyads,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (2), 361-380.

  • Select media coverage: Time, Forbes, ABC News, Washington Post, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Allure, Shape, Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Daily Mail, ExpertBeacon,, WGBH Boston Public Radio, WGBH Boston Public Radio, WCCO (CBS Local) radio.

Invited Book Chapters

Nikolova, Hristina and Cait Lamberton (2019), “No Man Is an Island: Dyadic Decision-Making and Identity Conflict,” Handbook on Identity Theory in Marketing, 313-331.


Dzhogleva Nikolova, Hristina, J. Jeffrey Inman, Jim Maurer, Andrew Greiner, and Gala Amoroso (2014), “The Shopper-Centric Retailer: Deriving Shopper Insights from Frequent Shopper Data,” Review of Marketing Research, 11, 75-102.

Non-Refereed Articles

Linzbach, Peter, J. Jeffrey Inman and Hristina Nikolova (2019), “E-Commerce in a Physical Store: Which Retailing Technologies Add Real Value?,” NIM Marketing Intelligence Review, 11 (1), 42-47.

Nikolova, Hristina and Cait Lamberton (2016), “Men Choose Differently When They Choose with Other Men,” Harvard Business Review.

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